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Monthly Worming - is it necessary?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we routinely worm our pets for intestinal worms every month with a chemical product that can cause toxicity especially when used regularly over your pets life.

If your pet does not have worms why are we giving them a pharmaceutical tablet every month without fail? These products do not prevent worms they just kill any parasite when it comes into contact with it. 

Your pets digestive system also has and needs beneficial parasites to thrive and be healthy. These Pharmaceutical worming products also kill these along with any intestinal worms. This can undermine your pets gut microbiome and their immune system as a whole.

It is widely understood that if your pet is fed a good natural food diet, has access to filtered water and is mentally nourished with natural enriching activities and access to regular play with other animals of their own species their bodies prevent infestations of parasites taking hold. This is a natural biological process.

So whats the alternative that can keep your pets immune system healthy.

A pet that is healthy and well with a strong immune system has a digestive system that keeps infestations of worms, parasites and fleas etc under control naturally - so if you feed your dog live, vital healthy food in the right balance ,support their immune system and physical health by not overwhelming them with lots of processed food, chemical products, chemical cleaners and air fresheners in the house and yard, look after their mental wellness by taking them for walks , allowing them to socialise and be part of your family - they will have a bodily system that functions as it should to keep these things at bay.

However their are other treatments that work with your dogs natural systems to help eliminate these issues.........

Faecal Worm Test - Intestinal worms and their eggs can be picked up in your pets faeces -you can take a sample to your local veterinary surgery and have a faecal test done - if you find worms your dogs can be treated at that time - if no evidence of worms then no need to treat your pet.

There are also many herbal/natural products that work with your pets body to eliminate and prevent infestations

Keep your pet physically and mentally well - avoid processed pet foods, keep them enriched and limit the amount of pharmaceutical products you use without being needed at the time

See your local natural pet health physician for the best alternative for you and your pets.