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Why do we support The Complete Pet Company...........

The owner of The Complete Pet Company Jenny Golsby had a dream 15 years ago to create a product that helped dogs eat closer to their natural environment and promoted good health after seeing the benefits of raw feeding to the health of her own pets. She has dedicated her life to creating the most nutritious meal for your dogs and cats while focusing on the ethical side of meat rearing in our consumer driven world. They dont spend thousands on flashy marketing or ever so cute packaging and all their packaging strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All their costs go into getting the best raw ingredients they can for your pet !

All the meat used in her products is from organic farms or farmers using grass feeding and ethical practices with the animals they rear. The meat she obtains is human grade muscle meat not the offcuts and cast offs from the human industry - as she says " you can get protein from an old boot but its not much use as a food!"

She then combines in biologically appropriate ratios fresh veges and fruits , other beneficial natural raw ingredients and her H4P supplement containg over 100 naturally derived macro and micronutrients.

Did you know that most pet food is deificient in at LEAST one essential nutrient - so if you feed your pet the same brand of food its whole life that can cause major chronic health issues due to deficiencies in essentail nutirents.

Im so proud to promote not only a great food for your pets but also a small aussie company run by passionate people who care about ALL animals and the environment where we live.

For the same price or not much more you could be giving your pet the most premium brand of food on the market and seeing how they thrive !