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Collection: All Natural Worm, Flea & Tick Prevention

Long exposure to chemical solutions for treating worms , fleas and ticks can cause a breakdown of your pets internal systems potentially causing chronic illness.

The FDA has also put out a warning on internal tick prevention such as Nexguard, Bravecto showing increases in neurlogical issues in pets after ingesting these products.

If your pet has a well functioning and strong immune system they naturally repel parasites  - why do we keep treating pets with no fleas or ticks every 2-12 weeks with harmful chemical products ?

There are many natural remedies and techniques for treating infestations in your home or on your pet before routinely following a regular plan.

Think about a 16 week old puppy or kitten - in 1 appointment they get vaccinated , wormed , and treated with an internal chemical remedy for fleas and ticks - there young bodies are bombarded with a cocktail of products there liver and kidneys have to process - this one appointment alone can start off a lifetime of ill health including allergies. We as there caretakers can do better for them.

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