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Chicken Frames - Free Range

Chicken Frames - Free Range

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Bones are an important part of any cat or dogs diet

They provide

*essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals

*are a natural teeth cleaner,

*enrichment for their mind and bodies

*good jaw development in puppies/kittens and help to remove puppy/kitten teeth.

Animals used to work for their food - now we hand it to them in a bowl - for digestive and mental health its good for pets to have to tackle bones and look for food - so get them to search for their dinner and give them bones regularly 2-7 x week depending on your pets needs.

There are some guidelines for safely feeding bones to pets -

  • Only use soft consumable bones - no hard leg bones etc
  • Only feed RAW bones - cooked bones splinter and can cause injury
  • Feed multiple pets seperately - no need to cause arguments
  • Only give bones to pets when they are SUPERVISED - dont leave them alone
  • Pick up ALL the bones when they are finished with - dont leave them around to cause arguments or get brittle and splinter
  • Switch bone shapes to help with teeth cleaning
  • When starting puppies / kittens you can smash chicken wings with a hammer to pulverise the bone within. Or hold the bone so they can munch on it.

1 kg bag - FROZEN