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Canine Probiotic

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The daily use of a canine probiotic can give your dog a happier tummy, a stronger immune system and firmer healthier stools.

Pets can be allergic to dairy in yoghurt and kefir so using a canine/feline specific probiotic is a much better choice for gut health.

Used everyday for better health - to improve your pets good bacteria if their diet is of a low nutritional quality such as dry kibble.

Or used for a specific period  - during/ after health complications and the use of pharmaceutical drugs or a bout of digestive distress such as gut bacterial infection, diarrhoea etc.

Antibiotics can wipe out a whole colony of good gut bacteria along with the bad - this leaves your dogs immune health compromised at a time when they need to be fit to fight their malady. Using a canine/feline specific probiotic boosts the friendly bacteria and helps replace lost bacteria after your dog has been ill an on medication

This product is provided through home delivery only and needs to be refridgerated.