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Treats Chicken Breast  - Human Grade - CATS & DOGS

Treats Chicken Breast - Human Grade - CATS & DOGS

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Treats are not necessary for a pets diet but us humans like to give them out to show our love ...... - my advice is always to spend more money on their food & bones but if you want to give them a treat go for treats made only with meat or veges and nothing else added like humectants, starch, wheat , flours , tapioca etc etc

These ingredients undermine the smooth running of your pets digestive system over time so go for human grade - aussie made - air dried meat treats only - you can be 100% assured that all the treats on this site come from small ethically run businesses highlighting your pets health by using Highest quality raw product, NO additives and NO Chemicals

And again remember to turn over your packet and LOOK at the INGREDIENTS not just the marketing claims on the front of your product -

These treats are just chicken breast - air dried. Thin and crispy and perfect for rewarding or doing a fun treat search around the home or garden add a bag to your next order.