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Raw Complete Meals - CHICKEN
Raw Complete Meals - CHICKEN
Raw Complete Meals - CHICKEN

Raw Complete Meals - CHICKEN

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The Complete Pet Company makes Premium and Convenient Raw meals for dogs for only $1.75 - $2.20 per 100g depending on meat type.

Beef Complete contains grass fed/human grade beef, organic RAW veges & fruit and other beneficial whole/ unprocessed ingredients. They blend this together with a complete supplement and mince into a delicious, nutritious meal for your dog to keep them in optimum health.

The Complete Pet Food Company dog meals are 75% human grade organic or grass fed quality protein and contains a supplement with over 100 macro and micro nutrients far exceeding the industry min requirements. It contains no grains, starches or glutens

Researched & developed by passionate australian small business then eaten by happy healthy pets for the last 15 years!

Some price comparisons  -

My Dog 100 g satchets $1.45/100g

Natures Gift 100g satchets $1.40/100g

Farmers Market 100g satchets $1.50/100g

Applaws 100g tins - $1.73/ 100g

Home delivery fresh meals in sydney - other companies from $1.88 - $2.36/100g

The price of this fresh biologically appropriate food for your pets is not much more than processed food from the supermarket based on low quality protein sources and the addtion of carbohydrates. Crazy isnt it?

Give your pets the gift of great health and choose the complete pet company meals!